The blazer is a timeless piece of clothing essential in every wardrobe no matter what season or current trend. A good blazer will be the perfect accompaniment to most of your existing pieces, and can be worn on many different occasions. Not without reason the blazer is a popular fashion item through the decades. Mix and match endlessly  with different styles and fits in our online shop. 

Tips and tricks from our stylists for your bodytype: 

The Pear body shape (volume on the lower part of the body):

Wear thicker materials and bright colours on your upper body to give it the perfect balance. The Butterfly blazer suits this bodytype best.

The Apple body shape(volume on the upper side of the body with larger waist and a large bust):

Choose a relaxed fit and avoid big shoulders or big collars for a balanced silhouette 

The Hourglass body shape ( proportional shoulders and hips with a defined waist): 

If you choose so, you can embrace your feminine shape with a fitted jacket. A belt is a perfect accessory for this bodytype 

The Petite body shape (small with narrow shoulders and smaller neck-to-waist measurements): 

Choose light materials and monochrome colours. Wear a shorter blazer.

Always remember:
This is generalized advice! Choose what works for you!
We want to celebrate all women and we embrace all bodytypes
You are in charge to choose your own unique style!