The right clothes for a job interview

You only make your first impression once and within five minutes it is already formed. So those first minutes of your job interview are very important for the rest of your interview.
Of course, your posture and what you say are important, but your appearance often plays a role as well. Think about your clothes. What do you wear to a job interview and how do you look good? Read our tips here.


Before your interview, dwell on what clothes suit the company. If you are going to apply for a job at a supermarket, for instance, you will wear something different than if you are going to apply for a job at a clothing shop or a law firm. Clothing helps determine your appearance during your interview.


One tip we’d like to share with you briefly; check out the company’s social media to see how people dress there. If everyone is dressed up in a suit, chances are that is the company standard. It is then wise to wear that during your application.

If the company appears more casual in the photos posted, you can also wear trousers with a nice blouse, which can also have a nice print. This then ties in nicely with the look you have come across on social media.

A second tip is to avoid text or symbols on clothing. This is because anything that is legible is going to be read by people, which is distracting. Which can also lead to misinterpretations with questions you don’t want. A meaning of text or symbol can be taken completely out of context. By paying attention to this, you can prevent this.


A nice jacket on a pair of jeans can go really well, just make sure there are no holes or rips in your jeans. This is great in your spare time and people around you think it is perfectly normal. But during a first meeting with a possible new employer, it can give the wrong impression. When in doubt, always prefer to dress slightly too neatly than come across as unprofessional. Even if you are not professional but your clothes evoke this in your interviewer. Consciously or unconsciously.


Many companies, especially larger ones, have codes of conduct and dress codes. You can also ask the company where you have a job interview about its code of conduct and/or dress code. This way, you know in advance which clothes are best to wear and it also shows that you are as prepared as possible.


If you feel comfortable, you will radiate the same. Being confident helps make a good first impression. Make sure you do not wear clothes that are too tight or loose, as this can look unkempt.

You look best in clothes that fit you well, then the price of your outfit doesn’t matter.

A third tip we would like to share with you is: don’t borrow someone else’s suit when applying for a job, as a professional you just need at least one decent outfit. Our advice, invest once in well-fitting blazer and neat trousers, for example. And make sure your shoes are clean and not worn off, even if they are sometimes the most comfortable. Do not wear flip-flops or sandals, this is a no-go for a job interview. Heels will do, provided you can walk well on them. Otherwise, it detracts from your appearance.


During warm weather, it is best to wear a dress or skirt. Make sure your skirt or dress is not too short, keep just above the knee as a minimum length. Avoid visible bra straps, deep cleavage or bare stomach. This can only distract from the conversation. Keep it classy! If you sweat easily, make sure you wear airy clothes, preferably as few synthetic fabrics as possible, no brightly coloured or grey shirts and not too tight. This way, you will minimise the sweat stains on your clothes. If you do want to wear a blazer, choose a linen variant. Linen blazers are ideal for summer.


Just a quick checklist.

  • Are your teeth brushed and do you have fresh breath?
  • Your hair is tidy, take a small comb with you in your bag if necessary.
  • Are you wearing a nice perfume? (Bear in mind that not everyone likes the same thing, so don’t create a cloud of perfume around you).
  • Are your nails clean?
  • No make-up stains on your face or collar?
  • Clean and ironed clothes on?

Then you’re all set for that good first impression. Good luck!

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