What is the cross in the slit of your blazer for?

If you’ve ever bought a blazer, this question has probably occurred to you; what’s that little cross in the slit of your blazer for? And…should I take it out or not? Have you already set up a quiz for it to see which of your girlfriends is right? Here it comes!

The cross in your blazer is only there to ensure that your new purchase does not get wrinkled during transport from us as the manufacturer, to you as the lucky owner of the Suitss Me blazer! At Suitss Me, we very carefully lay the two pieces of fabric of the slit on top of each other and then fasten them with thin thread through a cross. This keeps the slit neat at the back and prevents one side of the slit from pointing stubbornly the other way, for example.

No cross to discover? Then the slit is invisibly attached. At the bottom of the fabric, there are a few stitches on both sides of the slit. These ensure that the halves are fastened together. The effect is the same.


Yes! Of course, the slit is there for a reason. Usually the slit of a blazer starts at the level of your tailbone. By removing the gusset or stitching at the slit, the back of your blazer gets more space. As a result, the blazer falls neatly over your bottom.

Sometimes the slit of a blazer is quite small. Then it is often a lot less noticeable if you forget to open the slit. Logically, this mainly concerns blazers in a short model. However, the trendy long blazers such as our Daily Double blazer and Butterfly blazer always have a fairly deep slit to make sure your jacket also fits nicely at the back. So with this type of blazer, it is really important to loosen the stitching before showing off your new blazer.


A small cut with scissors and you’re done! Of course, a seam ripper is also great to use. Are you already on your way and have you forgotten to undo the stitching? Don’t panic! We use a very thin thread to temporarily fix the split of your blazer. If you do this carefully, you can simply pull it out while holding both sides of the slit close to the thread. We don’t recommend this, something could go wrong, so wait until you are on location and use scissors or a seam ripper. In any case, this is our preference.

We recommend loosening the split immediately after fitting. Then you won’t be able to forget it either. Does your blazer fit? Remove the card, undo the split and you are ready to go!


We don’t all have the same figure. Thank goodness, otherwise it would be a bit of a bore wouldn’t it? Just like women, blazers come in all sorts of variations. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in them. Sometimes you don’t feel so confident about a part of your body. We’ve all been there. A day when you don’t feel so comfortable and you’d rather not accentuate your belly or buttocks. A blazer can help you feel more confident again. Want to accentuate your bottom a little less? Then wear a longer blazer with a deep slit. Thanks to the slit, the blazer falls nicely over your buttocks, optically halving them. The slit also helps give your buttocks a nice round shape. This puts a little more emphasis on the top of your buttocks instead of the bottom.


An hourglass figure… we all want it but, unfortunately, few of us get it. By choosing the right clothes, though, you can create more of a waistline. If you have a fairly straight figure, there are two things you can do. The first option is a blazer that plays with light/dark contrast or stripes. Another option is the trendy oversized blazer combined with high-waisted trousers. Where to find these? Simply, at Suitss Me. For example, how about our super comfortable G-Key blazer or Oversized Snare? It’s kind of the comfort food among blazers; it just makes you happy.

What you shouldn’t do is choose too oversized or too fitted blazers. Unsure which size to go for? Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help you!

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